An overview of Global Direct TM

GLOBAL DIRECT TM works from a phone that is registered for the service. It does not require a change in long distance carrier. The service is especially beneficial on the major cellular services because GLOBAL DIRECT is primarily used for international calls, which are often blocked or the rates are extremely high. Global Direct works great on cell phones.

GLOBAL DIRECT is unique because a PIN is not required from a registered phone. A pin is required for the first time only. The GLOBAL DIRECT switch recognizes the calling number, through Caller ID. If a customer uses the pin and does not register that phone number he can use our system and receive our great rates.

There is no connection fee or other hidden charges as in most prepaid phone cards. For example, with a calling card you would add $.20 per minute to a 5 minute call that has a $1.00 connection fee. If there are 3 calls on a $20 card, there can only be $15.00 of actual time (assuming it includes a $0.50 maintenance fee and $.50 payphone surcharge)

When a phone card is lost or stolen, it's gone and the customer is out the remaining balance. GLOBAL DIRECT is associated with a phone (includes cellular) it cannot get lost and it is impossible for GLOBAL DIRECT to be stolen.
GLOBAL DIRECT will be a perfect addition to prepaid dial tone service or for people who have lost their long distance carrier. These individuals can now sign up for GLOBAL DIRECT and enjoy our competitive rates.

Global Direct uses local New York & New Jersey access numbers for our cellular one-rate customers. (One rate does not charge any extra charges for long distance in the US). These special numbers are able to "recognize" caller ID from cellular phones. We also offer Toll Free access numbers, there is an additional 3.5 cents per minute fee for using Toll Free Access Numbers.

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